Ministries & Organizations


Adult Choir & Schola Gregoriana
Philip Fillion, Music Director

Altar server
Jessica Bouley

Sandy Lent

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion

Ted Zorick

Altar Linens
Charlene Dygert

Martha Ministry
Charlene Dygert

Prayer Line
Lea Moschetti

After Mass Coffee Hour
Judy Peltz

KNOWING CHRIST (Marriage & Family)

St. Joseph School
Mary Jo Keba

Tyburn Academy
Maura DelFavero

Faith Formation
Carlo Stebbings

Sacramental Formation
Carlo Stebbings

Baptismal Preparation
Kathy Lipfert

Sacrament of Matrimony
Fr. Frank Lioi

Youth Ministry
Carlo Stebbings

Young Adult Ministry
Fr. Justin Miller

Conor O'Donnell

SERVING CHRIST (Service & Outreach)

Ministry to the sick
Kathy Lipfert

Saturday Soup Kitchen
Bob Steigerwald

Food Collection
Bill Weiman

Kitchen Angels
Judy Peltz

Pasta Dinner
Linda Wiedman

Bottles & Cans Collection
Francis Fenzl

Parish Pastoral Council
Penny Goodsell

Parish Finance Council
Jim Hanley

Pastoral Planning
Joseph Manning

Buildings & Grounds
Greg Lawson

Fund Raising
Ann Marie Heizman

FINDING CHRIST (Spiritual Guidance)

Solanus Casey Doorway Ministry

Kathy Lipfert

Centering Prayer Group
Lea Moschetti

Rosary & Scapular Soceity
Debbi Lovell